About Us


Nasdaq Analytics is an algo trading software company with 10 years of trading data experience. We released our software to the public to help traders pick profitable trades for their future.

Why we got started? 

A profit and loss (P&L) is an important document that helps traders, investors, and analysts understand the performance of a company. It is also known as an income statement.

It is one of the three vital documents that all public companies are required to publish. The other two are the balance sheet and the cash flow statement.

Since we keep asking for the P&L from other forums, gurus, and people selling their services we keep getting kicked off their platform. So we built our own forum to tell people when you join a stock picking company to see the P&L.

Our P&L for our non customers were our current picks for our customers. Our picks are daily trades that come up through our algo trading software. We are not a day trading site due to our customer demands that they do not want to sit in front of their screens.

Option pics:

Our option pics are purchased and then completed when the option expires.

Stock pics:

Our stock pics are purchased and then sold in a few weeks. 


If anyone tells you that they have a 100% fool proof of making money and all their stocks are winner --> run away.

As you can tell be our Past Pics, that not all were winners.

Join our community and grow with us.